StartupTAP is not a recruitment agency. We are a search firm.

We stand behind the belief that talent is the magical ingredient that fuels innovative ideas and builds successful startups. A great idea can only go so far without the right mix of talented, driven people working vigorously toward the same goals. We don’t just provide resumes and candidates; we’ll be your Talent Acquisition Partners in crime, doing all the heavy lifting to find those rare gems, the people that have that unique blend of talent and passion that will bring fresh energy, ability and ideas to your team. So, while you’re busy changing the world, let us be your Talent Acquisition Partners, it’s what we do best.



Your company can’t grow without talent and we all know that good talent is hard to find. Let us hunt for the proverbial “rock stars” ninjas, gurus, A-players and rare gems even if those individuals aren’t actively seeking a job. We bring the right opportunities in front of the right people. We have an extensive network and we can leverage it.



We don’t just tackle the qualifications… we look beyond a candidate’s prestigious education and big name experience and recruit based on what makes sense for your company. By focusing on cultural fit versus only resume strength, we’ll find you more than just top talent; we’ll secure you long-term, passionate people all working vigorously towards the same goal.



We believe the best way to understand your company’s needs, is to be in the trenches right there with you. We’ll provide onsite support and work directly with your hiring managers to be your talent acquisition partners. We’ll create a tailored recruiting solution for your company, helping every step of the way, from drafting effective position specs to providing interviewing/offer assistance.



Job specs, postings, sourcing (identifying & contacting) talent, screening candidates, negotiating offers, background checks, personality assessments, scheduling… we know you don’t have time for it.  You’re too busy creating the next BIG thing! Let us handle the grunt work… it’s our specialty.


The reality is, we can post solicited “quotes & testimonials” from the professionals we’ve recruited to the clients we support, but we want you to get to know us, yourself. We are confident we have a solid team you would want to have in your professional (and sometimes personal) network.

We believe that both talent and teamwork are required to build successful companies and the core of every company is the people. Relationships with people are fundamental to acquiring and retaining talent. We value every relationship we establish and we are happy to be a resource even if it isn’t recruiting related. We are a team built on transparency, integrity and we’ve been told we’re “straight-shooters.” So if you have any questions (even if it’s not recruiting related), please reach out.

And if for some reason, we’ve left you hanging in the process, or you are experiencing a “less than stellar” experience with StartupTAP, please feel free to reach out to someone on the team immediately.


Daniel Tudo

Founder, Partner

I help high-growth startups acquire talent and build highly driven, results-oriented teams. MORE ABOUT DANIEL

Noya Tong

Co-Founder, Partner

Talent acquisition partner for tech companies in the Southern California area. MORE ABOUT NOYA

Jerome Helton

Sr. Associate

Proactive strategist with a talent for translating obstacles into innovative solutions. MORE ABOUT JEROME

Jesse Sacks

Recruiting Associate

Networking enthusiast. Working with high growth startups in So. California. MORE ABOUT JESSE

Mark Ray

Recruiting Associate

Tinkerer of technology who can be found building out talented teams in Silicon Beach and Silicon Valley. MORE ABOUT MARK


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